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Storm Damage

Assessing Storm Damage

Storm DamagePro Source recommends that you have sufficient weather coating on your roof to make it sturdier. You can take general precautions to protect your roof and to enhance its life but when a storm unleashes its wrath and wreaks havoc, there is very little that humans or man-made shields can do. There are many ways you can prevent the roof from blowing out or crashing down even in some of the harshest storms but should you have some kind of storm damage, you must respond immediately.

The roofs we install are as resistive to storm damage as they can be for all practical purposes. Winds hitting fifty miles an hour should not be a problem. But when there are hurricanes or hailstorms, the scenario becomes more challenging for roofs. If you suspect there is some storm damage or if you are sure, give us a call immediately.

  • We have a holistic approach to assess the storm damage and to remedy the problems. We inspect the roof for leaks. We look for all the signs that would indicate structural damage. A roof can get warped and dented at places, a few shingles could have been blown away, the coatings may be damaged, there can be damage to the roofing deck or the substrate layers, the gutters may be clogged, the siding and flashing could be severely damaged, there can be aesthetic and structural damages of myriad kinds. We conduct a thorough inspection to study the extent of storm damage and only then do we come up with a plan of action. We do not make sweeping assessments and do not have generalized responses to storm damage. Hence, we do not have a random approach to charging you a certain fee that is not reasonable given the extent of storm damage and the repairs or remedies that it demands.
  • After assessing the storm damage, we offer you the appropriate solutions. We make recommendations and you choose from them. Aesthetic damages can at times be fixed without replacing the materials or structural components. At times, aesthetic damages are beyond repair. It is just the reality. At times, you can repair the roof, reapply the coatings, replace missing shingles and attend to the overall cleaning, maintenance and preventive repairs of the roof. In certain cases, homeowners need a new roof or may have to reroof. We would discuss the ideal solution and alternatives to find the best way forward and then we would offer you a free nonobligatory quote.

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