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Roofing Repair Canton CTWhen building a home, one of the most important elements is the roof. Your roof is responsible for protecting the integrity of your house and all of your belongings from damage as a result of weather and other environmental influences. In the event that your roof gets damaged over the years, you will be in a position where you’ll need a roofing repair Canton CT.

How to Tell if You Need a Roofing Repair

Before you hire the professionals for the job, consider looking for these obvious signs of damage.

  1. Curling Shingles

The shingles that you choose to have installed on your roof should be flat and never curling. Once you start to see a clawed or curled shingle it could mean that the materials have degraded over the years or are becoming influenced by overwhelming heat. Unfortunately your roof is at risk for more damage with curling shingles because of wind and ice as they can get rigid and entirely break off.

  1. Missing Shingles

Another strong indicator that you need a roofing repair Canton CT is because of any missing shingles. When installed, the materials on your roof are designed to work together to create an efficient draining system. If one part of that system fails, water can easily get into your house through the roof or the walls. When you are missing shingles, you have several different points where you could experience water damage. It is also a hazard for the entirety of your roof as more shingles could fly off over a short period of time.

  1. Buckled/Wavy Shingles

Remember how when installed your shingles should always be lying flat? With buckled shingles they will appear to be wavy and they are incredibly susceptible to catching wind and ice and breaking off entirely. This could be as a result of poor installation, the age of your roof, or if your roof is actually wet underneath your installed shingles. Either way, it is important that you call a professional to have a roofing repair Canton CT.

  1. Interior Damage

Although it might be difficult for you to see some signs of damage on your shingles outside of your home, it is simple to see damage inside of your house. Check all of the corners of each room to determine if there are any yellow or brown water marks, ripples in the drywall, or even damage on your floors. This is a sure sign that your roof is damaged in one way or another and you should immediately contact a contractor.

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