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GAF roofing Farmington CT

Why Should You Decide To Go With GAF Roofing Farmington CT

GAF roofing Farmington CTNew Jersey based GAF is the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in North America. It is also the largest distributor. It has a history of a hundred and thirty years. Hailed as the most popular brand of roofing materials and having millions of satiated homeowners as its dedicated clientele in the United States and Canada, GAF is one brand that you cannot ignore if you are investing in a new roof.

There are many reasons why you should decide to go with GAF roofing in Farmington CT and it is not just the history of the company. Let us explore some of the obvious benefits of GAF roofing in Farmington CT that would help you to make up your mind.

  • The durability of GAF roofing in Farmington CT is incomparable. You may choose asphalt or some other materials. Regardless, the shingles will stand the test of time. You can safely have the maximum life with each material. Asphalt typically doesn’t last longer than twenty years and thirty years may be stretching it a bit. It is cheaper so most people accept the reality that it doesn’t score high on the durability factor. There are some other materials like metal or slate that can easily last around fifty and a hundred years respectively. In choosing such materials, you are securing a roof for a lifetime. But even if you opt for asphalt, your GAF roofing in Farmington CT will surprise you with its longevity.
  • GAF roofing in Farmington CT would have an unparallel warranty. It is common for warranties to be riddled with exemptions and terms & conditions. Many such clauses have made warranties futile and almost unenforceable in certain situations. GAF is one brand that still has the old approach to warranties and your investment shall be protected at all times. It is not just the term or the number of years you would enjoy the warranty on GAF roofing in Farmington CT but also the coverage. There are very few exceptions or exemptions to deal with.
  • When you opt for GAF roofing, you aren’t indulging in any compromise, whether it is the style or aesthetics, the pattern or design, the color or the resulting curb appeal.
  • With GAF roofing in Farmington CT, you get certified roofers for installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance. The certified professionals are trained extensively on GAF roofing by GAF. They aren’t only licensed and bonded but are also officially accredited.

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